Greetings Human Beings

So, I assume just from the title we all realize that I have never done this before, yeah? If you didn't realize that or think of it, well, now you know. Or, well, you should because I'm telling you now. Yeah.


Now that the awkwardness of that is set aside, I'm just going to introduce myself, I guess? And if anyone reads this, feel free to tell me about yourself too!:)



➸ I'm socially awkward(because that wasn't obvious)
➸ I'm a fifteen year old teenager with a weird mind(I'm not kidding, I 
need help)
➸ I'm Canadian
➸ I'm a really short Canadian
➸ Reading is something I do everyday
➸ Writing is nice too
➸ But Coffee is better than both
➸ I'm addicted to Coffee
➸ I also love free books
➸ And I dabble in Graphics
➸ And I try to be nice

So, that's that, I guess. I can answer questions, but I doubt there'll
be any. If you want a review, just ask. If you want to chat, just
message me or something. If you want to ignore my existence, go for
it! d:

I'll probably try to have a better post later. Like tomorrow. I don't
know. For now, I'll go.

Peace out! (I'll come up with something better later)

-Sage (not my real name, but whatever)