The State by Tom Wright


  *I won the ebook version from  a    giveaway on BookLikes.

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     First, I just want to say that I love how all of the characters in this military Sci-fi novel (with 3 novellas all in one), no matter who they are, are strong. They all sacrifice things in their lives to fight for what they believe is right, [the drones sacrifice their whole lives, basically] even when they know not all of their actions are the best. And they all are courageous, being able to take the truth and still move on, as Andrew and Orem said a lot, “Truth is the best defence, and offence,”, and fighting a war that could have ended a lot sooner. They are strong enough to realize what they have to do when the time comes, to stand up to their enemies, and to merge together in the end to save lives.


     I also really like how the author isn't afraid to kill off important characters though, like Orem and Andrew, and how there was nothing romantic in the writing expect for that one kiss Matt and Kara shared, and how there is a lot of action. I mean, I know it's a war and action is to be expected, but other books I have read like this did not have as much action, and I love action. So this satisfied me. Like, there was action everywhere, and it was pretty fast-paced and there was a lot death, and it was just seriously brilliant.


     For me, this is definitely worth a re-read, and I don't re-read books often. Anyone who likes action, distopian, or sci-fi novels are sure to enjoy this tale immensely.



So, there's that. d: I would recommend this novel to anyone who likes action or distopian novels, basically.