List of Need-To-Seriously-Read-These-Like-Now Books


-Loose Changeling by A.G. Stewart

-Apex Rising by Tom Right

-Fire Above by C.H. MacLean

-Shifting Fate by Alexis Leno

-Dead Secrets by Richard Milton

-Stolen by Sheila Dalton

-The Glass Harmonica by Richard Milton

-Flame & Stone by Jamie DeBree

-The Lion Trees prt 1&2

-The Watchers Keep by Timothy Bond

-The Prophecy of Arcadia by M. H. Soars

-Oversight by Thomas Claburn

-Beautiful Monster by Jeanne Bannon

-The Madmen's City by Cady Vance

-Broken Lies by Claire Vale

-The Last by Joel Puga

-World of Shawn by JordanEhrlich

-Midgard byDmitriy Kushir

-It's Raining Men by Jennifer Stevenson

-The Ariadane Connection by Sara Stamey

-Priority Target by Ethan Jones

-A Midsummer Night's Mare by A. Michael Schwarz

-Edge of End by Suren Hakobyan



*Edited 28/04/2015*



I just decided to have one big list so I can remember the books I seriously have to get reading within the month, at least. So, I'll just edit this post with every book I need to start.


There's a few. Just a bit.


Anyone else have books they hope to finish before the end of the month?






Just to make this more interesting, I guess.