The Vengeance War: Blood for Blood by Tom Wright and K.L. Gee

  *I won the ebook version from a giveaway  on Booklikes.
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     If you enjoy Sci-fi or fantasy stories, especially packed with action, you will surely love and enjoy this trilogy. The writing flows perfectly, and with such strong, beautifully written characters who each had their own different personalities and problems to overcome throughout the entire story, you will find yourself unable to put it down and immersed in their world so completely you may forget you can't teleport.

     The world building is excellent, the action[always my favourite part] is more than satisfying, and because of such intriguing characters and plot line, I never felt my attention waver nor did I feel like I was forcing myself to get through the entire trilogy, which usually happens as plenty just drag on. This trilogy however, did not, which is very refreshing and satisfying.

     I also love how I could visualize everything, how the action always had me excited to see what would happen. Basically, throughout the trilogy, I was never once bored nor did I find it difficult to connect with the characters. I actually found myself loving most of the characters introduced [oops].

     I would definitely recommend it it to anyone who enjoys action or fantasy or sci-fi novels. There was never a dull moment, and I'm positive most would enjoy this tale.




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