The Catacombs by Jeremy Bates

   *I won the ebook version from the author.

   **This will also be posted on Goodreads.


     This is a wonderfully written novel with a great pace, fantastic characters, and [what I always look forward to] quite a bit of action. The flow of the words, of the story itself is so easy to get immersed into it's like a tidal wave of rushing water taking you along for a fun ride; think of a water park.

     I have to admit though, my favourite part of the novel isn't the action [say what?!] but the characters of Zolan's little crew. They may or may not be the cause of most of the action [shocker d:]. That's not why they're my favourite though. They just kind of grew on me because they remind me of zombies [who doesn't love zombies?] and even though they're slightly insane and sort of act like wild animals you kinda find yourself feeling bad for what they went through because of Zolan's father who succumbed to insanity. Especially Katja.

     Which brings me to my absolute favourite character: Katja. She may not have been in most of the novel, but she played a rather large role when she was introduced. She was basically the shining light in the abyss of darkness, like, the only hope and she was so innocent and naive and caring that she just drew you in. She changed Will's life, even if only slightly, and she allowed Zolan to feel something, and I mean, to have such a character like Zolan feel so much towards Katja, to love her like a daughter, is just really heartwarming.

     With all that aside, the horror and action was extremely satisfying, and I would be lying if I said I don't plan on reading more from Jeremy Bates.

     However, I have to agree that it is similar to the movie, hence why the rating isn't higher.




So, that's that. Another book finished. d: