Never Sleep by Cady Vance


  *I won the advanced ebook version of this  in a  giveaway on Booklikes.

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     I don't really know how to describe this well enough. There's action, romance, experiments, humans that Collapse and need to be recharged because of their insomnia, a robot-human, and so much more. There's pretty much never a dull moment, and you never feel like it should be over already. In fact, I'm already craving the second book. I can't wait to see what happens to Thora and the others, especially Doctor Clark!

     But anyway, the whole story basically surrounds itself around the Clinic, how they claim to want to help the insomniacs when really, they experiment on them for their own twisted pleasures. They hide behind this curtain of niceties and when it's lifted the dark shadows come rolling in. The whole explanation behind the Clinic is intriguing, and also horrifying. And then there's the Insomniac Cafe.

     I love how to get to the Insomniac Cafe, to get to the safe place who will actually help them, the escaped insomniacs have to go on a sort of treasure hunt around New York to prove they really are insomniacs. The plot is fantastic and with everything that happens you find yourself on the edge of your seat; you're hooked and you don't want to get free.

     The writing helps too, as it flows well and even told in Thora's point of view you find yourself falling into the story as if it were your own. I love all the characters, too. They are all so different, from crazy doctors to human-like robots to caring people like Doctor Jeremy. They all have their own ticks and distinctive characteristics. I especially love how insomniacs get attached to people and objects, like Florence with her music and Thora with her white knight and the yoyo Lucas gave her. It's fascinating.

     And the ending, it leaves you wanting more for sure. I don't want to say too much about the story and give anything away [I probably already have], so I won't say much on that regard, but you should definitely read this book. I recommend it.

     I will definitely buy the physical book when it comes out!




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