The Oracle Algorithm by Jeffrey A. Ballard


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     This is a well paced, well written book that I enjoyed a lot. I never really thought I would read a book with fortune telling incorporated in such a way, and it's pretty brilliant. Like, I always thought books about fortune telling would be with these elderly people reading palms and speaking with the dead or something; but to read it in a way to be made by math geniuses and used for power is just intriguing and new and unique.

     I especially love the action, the chase throughout the whole novel. It made for a tale not easy to put down, and I especially love how dark Javier's character got near the end. From the very beginning you knew he would prove to be trouble for Aaron and Emma, but then near the end where he loses it... Everything just clicks. He wants power, a reputation so amazing no one would forget him, and he let it get to him and he snapped. I just really like how the darker aspects were incorporated.

     And that brings me to the characters. I love pretty much all of them. Well, okay maybe Logan annoyed me a bit[because to me it seemed like he wanted to own Emma], but he wasn't so bad. I especially love how strong Emma and Aaron both are even though they obviously have weaknesses, and how Angelo knew something was off in the end ended up helping Emma and Aaron because he's a good guy. To be honest though, I do wish the characters were dug into a little deeper because I feel like we still have a bit to learn about them. It could just be me. It probably is.

     Either way I recommend this book to you action lovers. Or anyone. Just give it a try.




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