Paisley Sage and the Hole in the Sky by Mallory Evans

  *I received the ebook version of this from  the  author in exchange for a review.

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     This is a well written fantasy book that reminds me so much of Tinker Bell because of how real the fantasy world feels. Basically, the world building is amazing, and I love the different species, the different magic, the foods and clothing, the way they build things, how they live, and how the only difference between the warring Gefen and Adaya is the colour of their wings.


     There is also plenty of action [definitely satisfying], and so many secrets that you get caught in the web and you hang on for the ride because you don't want to let go. And the innocence as well, of the young fairies, is a beautiful thing because as you read on you watch them mature and grow and shape into wonderful young fairies and it's just great.


     Which brings me to the characters. All of them are so different, so unique, and yet still Dorin, Zephyr and Paisley come together and form a friendship none of them saw coming. And then there's Ak-not, and Pilar, the two Nefarites they found and helped along their journey. They all helped each other in some way, and even came together in the end to save their world from the Ama'rel. Though I must say, Mel'kay was never a favourite, and I dislike her even more now for what she plans to do to Paisley.


    And I am even more intrigued by Paisley now  because of what she is and what she plans to do. I feel bad for Dorin, with how she fled to protect him, but that makes me wonder what she will do if she ever sees him and Zephyr again. And the stranger who met up with her, gosh I still want to know so much! I hope there's a second book, I really do.


     But anyway, I seriously recommend this book for anyone who loves fantasy. And it's definitely worth a re-read.





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