Dwarves in Space by S. E. Zbasnik

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     'Dwarves in Space' is a sci-fi, fantasy type adventure that follows Captain Variel of the Elation-Cru and her group of oddballs: two assassin elves, a dwarf married to an engineer elf, an orc, a dijinn, and an accidental human passenger. Basically, Captain Variel is out in space running from authority and a bad past. This all comes back chasing after her as her and her crew make plenty of stops attempting to get a new, well-needed part for the Elation-Cru which they can't obtain as they always have to run off and escape the authority on their tail.

     And while there is action and plenty of interesting situations, 'Dwarves in Space' does have the feel of being the introductory novel for a series, and for me, that made the beginning incredibly slow-paced and boring. To be honest, I would find myself getting easily distracted, and if there wasn't a distraction, I would make one. It took me quite a while to actually get into it, though when I did it was rather enjoyable.

     I have to agree with others when they say the author clearly intended for there to be a great deal of humour, because their currency is cat videos, they trade chocolates for parts, and in a getaway Orn's pants catch on fire from the friction of his butt and the statue -I believe it was a statue. To me, that just screams that this was meant to be a funny book. And maybe it could have been, had the interactions between the races and most of the banter not come off as mostly just serious intercultural stuff. Having it be so serious, it was hard to see it in a light, humorous way.

      But that aside, let's get to the characters. The characters are all interesting, and unique enough that it is easy to develop favourites (I may or may not have found my favourite to be the male Elven assassin, Talesin). They are all very different, with Gene being the dijinn made of smoke and the human being a major turn-on for orcs, and Variel having been a Knight at one time. I really enjoyed the characters. Sometimes they were witty, or snarky, and sometimes Orn was just being a smartass all the time, but what they all had in common was their strength. Yeah, it was shown in many different ways, and some were obviously physically stronger then the rest, but all in all, their strength was something they all shared.

      Now, onto the world building, it was different. The planets and buildings and the way each different planet or place works was all very intriguing. I enjoyed each place was so different from the next. I won't say much on it, but it was well created. From what we got to see, anyway.

     So, that's all. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys action, sci-fi or fantasy novels, and who doesn't mind a slow beginning.




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