The Biology of Luck by Jacob M. Appel

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      Personally, I'm not a fan of this book. I'm the type of  person who loves fast-paced, action filled fantasies or  sci-fis, and at times I do indulge in sweet, omg-they're-  my-otp romances (who doesn't love a good session of  fangirling?) that can often times be slow, but are always  enjoyable. So yeah, I thought this would be like one of  those romances, a light, maybe even humorous read  about a man chasing an unreachable girl. I thought I  would thoroughly enjoy it, honestly. But then I started  reading it and I realized pretty quickly that it wasn't going  to be what I was expecting.

      Basically, this book is about a character, Larry Bloom,  who is a tour guide that has been working on a novel  about his one true love, Starshine (he's pretty much  obsessed with her), for two years and has finally gotten a letter about whether or not it will be published. That may be a large part about it, sure, but the whole book is just about this one day, from morning til night, of how he is so excited and nervous for his big date tonight with Starshine in which he will confess his feelings and tell her of his book. It's about how during his time working he can't think about anything but his date coming up and how he fears what she'll say but he knows he has to hear it. And then part of it is also chapters of his book in which we are in Starshine's head instead of his.

      I want to say the writing was good, I really do, but I felt bored throughout most of the novel and seeing as that made it all the less enjoyable, I really can't say all that much. To be honest, I only really liked Starshine's parts, and even then they weren't exciting enough to make me love or even really like this book.

      I'll be honest here though, and say that I'm not entirely sure if the book was bad, or if I just failed to understand it. The main reason it was boring for me would have to be because of how it is written. The language is akin to that of a textbook, and I also found the characters rather unlikeable. If I don't like the characters then I will most likely not enjoy the story. But the thing that bothered me most would be how the chapters Larry has written for his novel coincide with what happens in the book to him. How is that possible if Starshine's chapters are from a novel he has already written? Is he physic or something? And he never questions it either, never realizes wow, this is just like what I wrote!

      But then I went through a bunch of the reviews for this book and see such high ratings, and now I'm just thinking this isn't for me and that I just don't see what they do. Maybe you guys will like it, love it even, but I just couldn't find much enjoyment in it.

      I would recommend this for anyone who likes gradual reads, or who doesn't mind the points above that made this less enjoyable for me.




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