Sky Treader (Lay of Runes #1) by M.L. Larson

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      There's not much to say, really. This is just a short  story about Loki and Thor and how it began with Thor  dragging Loki out of bed and then turned out to be  Thor following Loki like a puppy through this  adventure with a band of Dwarves also known as a  few of Loki's friends.


      Basically, Thor wanted Loki to get out of bed and  go outside and have fun, so he takes him someplace  else to drink but instead Loki takes them somewhere  else where they meet up with a group of Dwarves and  go on a hunt. They end up killing two Gryphons,  keeping a baby one, getting attacked and escaping  and stealing horses and throughout there's a whole  lot of action and it's great.


      I liked it, yeah, but at the same time I just didn't  love it. I feel like I couldn't connect and maybe also  the fact that Loki didn't seem like Loki to me just  made me not love it like I could have. I kind of have a  problem. If I don't like the characters or I can't connect  with them, then I tend to not enjoy the story as much  as I otherwise would have.


      Overall though, I enjoyed this short read and I would recommend it to anyone, really.




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