Dwarf's Ransom (Lay of Runes #2) by M.L. Larson

  *I received the ebook version of this from a  giveaway on  LibraryThing.

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      There's not much to say about this one either. In this  short story, we follow Jari, a dwarf, on his quest to  search  for his brothers and on the way he gains the help  of Loki  and Odin (although he really doesn't like Odin).

      I actually like this one more than the first, and found it  intriguing to read from Jari's view, of how he met Loki  and  how he deals with their on-horse adventure to  different  places.

      I still didn't love it though.

      I'm sure others might like it more, and so I would still  recommend it to anyone looking for a nice, short read.






That's all. And this is really short, wow.