A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

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      I don't really know where to start. Basically, we  follow  Meg [Marguerite] as she travels from one  dimension to  another with Theo in search of Paul, their  friend who  betrayed them. They see and learn so  much while  hopping from one place to the next, and  each place is a  new world, a new life with new people  and surroundings.


      I really like the world-building. There's a historical-  like  world, a futuristic and seriously technologically  advanced  world, one that looks so much like their own  and yet is  different, and even one underwater! Each is  described in  detail, and each time Theo, Paul, and  Meg have different  roles to play and it's fascinating to  read about each new  life, each new adventure.


      Which brings me to the characters. I really like them.  So yeah, sure, Paul's the silent, and mysterious, and Theo was the bad boy with a large heart, but they are also so different from the types you would see in other novels. Paul opens himself up a lot, but in his actions and Meg gets him like he gets her, and if you pay enough attention to when they interact, everything just makes sense for them. And Theo, he isn't that much of a bad boy anyway, not really. The revelation near the end helps us understand him more, and I just didn't really think of him as a bad boy. But anyway, what I was trying to say was that although you think you get them, you really don't, and it's just so great to discover them while they discover more about themselves too.


      As for the writing, I love it. I love the way the words flow and how the story just hooks you in and you're so immersed you're like, whats reality? I couldn't put A Thousand Pieces of You down, there was never a dull moment and I always wanted more; I still do. It was just great overall, and I loved it. If I hadn't borrowed it from a friend, I would re-read it again and proudly place it on my shelf. But sadly, I did borrow it, and I have no clue when I will be able to get my own copy. But that said, you should go and buy yourself a copy because you need to experience what this story dose to you yourself.


      I highly recommend this for, well, everyone, basically. And I know I didn't say much, but either way you should read A Thousand Pieces of You.




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