Avant Nation by C.D. Verhoff

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     Avant Nation takes place in a dystopian future,  where the nation is divided, one half being the  Avants, and the other the Luddites (aka the  humans). The Avants have different categories as  well: Compasionates, Ruggeds, Sporties,  Numberlings, and Entertainers. There's more, I  just can't recall them at the moment. And the  Luddites are basically their sworn enemies  because they choose to stick with the old-  fasioned ways of living, and actually giving birth,  instead of making their children in labs and  instilling 20 years of knowledge into the child  within 5 years of being in a special tube.


     In this novel, we follow Clara, an Avant  classified as a 'Compassionate', and we get to  see her point of view as her and Hawk, a Rugged, struggle with the war and their loyalties. Before the war officially begins, however, we follow Clara as she works in the hospital as a medical technician, and although it wasn't what she wanted she keeps quite. We see more of how Avantica works while she does her job, how they treat the sick and injured. And then she 'volunteers' for a job in the military as a tech they need, and there she meets Hawk once again and their journey truly begins.


      The character development is great, and I really like Clara as a character. She is strong and caring and she can fight pretty well too, after all that military training. Despite all the curveballs thrown her way, she kept on her path, and fought the whole way. I also love how her thoughts gradually began to change instead of quickly because it makes you think with her and question things with her as if you were a fellow Avant by her side. You see the good and the bad, the things you should question and then sometimes there's reason that outweighs the questions and your loyalties are back in check, but by the end no one really knows, and I love it. Or, well, we know who the bad guy is, but at the same time you wonder if there's any good at all. It's fantastic that I'm so sure and yet not sure at all, because it means the author really put her all into this story to make it so great that you don't know who to trust more. You get to find out with the characters and you get to be shocked and surprised with the characters too. You're on this journey with them, at least it feels that way.


      The story-line is fairly complex, but I love the way it was written out. I had a hard time putting this down, although I had to a lot just to savor the moments I adore because I really didn't want it to end yet. And the world-building, it's great as well. I can't wait for the next installment!


      I would recommend this to lovers of action, romance, adventure, and dystopian novels. Maybe even mystery. You should read Avant Nation and experience Clara's story for yourself.




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