The Wisdom of a Cobbler by Sid Crowe

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      This is brilliant. The writing in The Wisdom of a  Cobbler is infused with new lessons and motivational  words in every chapter. It's a light read, yet heavy if  you plan on taking the lessons to heart, which I did.

      Each new character has a lesson to learn, a  different dream to follow, and the way Vernon helps  them go after their dreams is brilliant. He has so much  knowledge and we learn what confidence and belief  can do for us. The best part though, is that it all feels  so real and you can easily put yourself in the  characters' shoes and imagine how such words of  Vernon would affect you had he spoken them to you  instead.

      I recommend this to everyone. Not all will like it, I know that, but this is a piece of art, and everyone should experience it themselves.




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