Of Royal Descent by Ember Shane

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      Doyle Hawthorne is a 21-year-old college student  who sets out with his best friend Chuck Johnson to  search for his biological grandfather. Along the way  they uncover more then they ever could have  bargained for and realize a darker entity lives among  them.


      Of Royal Descent is full of action, deceit, love,  bravery, humour, and the best of all: Zombies. What  more could you ask for? This is the perfect  combination of everything I love in a novel. The author  knew what she was  doing when writing this, no doubt.


      The writing flows well and kept me immersed in the  story as it was so easy to fall into. The way Zombies  are described, their origin, and what they are to everyone else around them is so intriguing and not something I've read before. Especially how they act and the process of turning into one once the disease has been activated.


      Now, characters. I love them all. Well, okay maybe not Bradbury. He's horrible to everyone and he takes darkness to a whole new level. But other then him they are all easy to love. I especially love Doyle and Chuck's friendship. They have such a great bond, and Chuck stays by Doyle's side the entire time even when Doyle was an ass and it's just great. I just really love how bonded they are, how much they care. They aren't afraid to tell each other they care. In fact, all of the characters are ones with large hearts (with the exception of Bradbury, MZs [mindless zombies], and soldiers under Bradbury's orders). They all help in some way and you can tell they only want what's best for the people around them.


      Of Royal Descent is now one of my favourite books, and I hope to get my hands on the second book soon. So I recommend this to everyone. As long as you don't mind violence. Or slightly sexual scenes (it's never explicit or too bad). But yes, please read Of Royal Descent. I'm sure most of you will love it!




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