Broken People by Ioana Visan

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      Broken People follows Dale and his quest to  complete this mysterious mission of utter importance.  Along the way, whilst he and his partner Cole wait for  the right day to strike, complications arise and both are  thrust into the world of The Golden Lady and The  Nightingale Circus.


      What I love about Broken People is how most of the  characters, if not all, are human but not at the same  time. The title describes them perfectly. They're broken  people, made of flesh and bone and add in a little metal  and they're no longer complete. It's all so normal to  them, though, having to go in every once in a while to  change their parts or make adjustments. It's fascinating.  Especially how Rake and Spinner can do practically everything. What they did to Cole was both tragic and brilliant simultaneously.


      And while you find yourself not exactly liking Dale at first, seeing as he seems rather selfish and cold in the beginning, you can't help but like him and maybe even love him by the time the book is at its end. The Golden Lady and him, their interactions always made me smile because I could just tell from the beginning what would transpire between the two. However, while you knew it was coming and knew it to be true in the way they act towards each other, there was never really much explained or done to have made their feelings change. They were business partners, and then they care and haven't really acted any differently. I just would have preferred more between them, to explain why they decided to have feelings for the other. Other then that, that characters are great.


      The writing is great too. It flows well and the circus was well described, with its inner workings and how it's controlled. I loved the magic element and the acts and just how well it was described. I could visualize most, if not all that was happening and it was fascinating. I also love the action. I mean, who doesn't?


      But anyway, I really enjoyed reading Broken People, and I recommend this to all you lovers of magic, action, romance, and broken people [see what I did there? d:].




So, that's that. d: