Loose Changeling by Andrea(A.G.) Stewart

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      Loose Changeling follows a young woman  named  Nicole whose world is changing and  becoming rather  insane. First she finds out her  husband is cheating on her, then a strange mouse  keeps bothering her, a strange man claiming to be  a divorce lawyer shows  up, and then sh*t gets real.


      I love how quickly the action gets started, how  soon all the troubles arise and come into place. I  love the flow of the writing and the story, and how  much Nicole's character developed and changed. I  like the mysterious aspects and the danger and the  thrill, and how you get so immersed in the story you  find yourself rooting for Nicole and then realize  you're trying to solve the mysteries as well.


      I also really like the characters. They grow so much and they're just overall very likeable. I would share more, but what I have in mind only consists of spoilers.... Just know that they're likeable and grow a whole lot in the duration of the story. It's like watching you're child grow up. I'm just kidding, I don't actually know how that feels. But you get the point. I hope.


      Anyway, although I liked the book and enjoyed the characters and action, what I wasn't a huge fan of was the love triangle. I get that Nicole and Owen are divorcing, but her feelings for Kailen seem too quick to form. After everything they went through together on their journey, there wasn't really any explanation for her to fall for him. At least to me there wasn't. I just wish their feelings were slower to develop, and that there was more to it to make said feelings form.


      Overall, I liked Loose Changeling and I can't wait for the second book! I would recommend this to anyone who likes to read books containing fantasy, action, romance, and great character development.




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