Shadow, Shadow by V.B. Marlowe

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      Shadow, Shadow follows four teenagers and their  life that changes due to a strange box each of them  received on their birthday. Now that one box has been  used, the rest must too or a loved one will disappear  and never be seen again.


      It's a very interesting concept, and I like how the  box holds such power and what happens when you do  or don't use it. I wasn't really a fan of the whole  shadows thing, though. I get that there needed to be  a reason for all the disappearing people, but using  shadows just kinda fell flat for me. There wasn't much  fear or mystery in it to me, and I feel like there should  have been, considering the choices they need to  make and the lives that will be ruined.


      I enjoyed how the characters used this power though, and how they changed. I like how we really got to know and see how that power messed with them. I will admit though, I had a problem with Teaghan. She was a stuttering, social mess, and then as soon as she used the box she changed. It was so quick, so odd how she turned into a completely different person. I honestly think the process should have been slower, more gradual. I also didn't really like Ava-Kaya, as she had so many different sides, and she seems to love messing with the kids and taking advantage of them. Harley and Brock, I like them, though. I will admit that I didn't like Harley at first. She came off as bratty and annoying, but then you learn more about her and you start to really feel for her. Harley goes through so much and yet she never feels good about having to use the box, and she tries to get Teaghan to see her reason and we just see her grow. She still has a long way to go, but you can already tell that she's going to be more brave and strong and selfless the more their story continues. And Brock is already partially there. They seem like they'd make a great team, like they'll be the ones to stop all the shadow business.


      Overall, the characters were okay, the plot and details were okay, and the writing was pretty good. Even so, I am interesting in reading the next book because I really want to see how their story continues and if they'll break or come out as heroes. Anyway, I recommend this to lovers of fantasy, mystery, adventure, and maybe even romance.